GT-Formula Racing Simulator X Heusinkveld Sprint Pedals Bundle


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Designed by Racers for Sim Enthusiasts

Open your door to the world of sim racing with the Axon GT-Formula Racing Simulator. The GT-Formula is dedicatedly built for motorsport enthusiasts, and made with high build quality.
Whether you are interested in preparing for an upcoming race or solo time-attack, the Axon GT-Formula Racing Simulator will exceed your expectations. This simulator is meant to be competitive and get you to the top of the podium. With our knowledgeable staff and professional setup, drivers are guaranteed to start setting lap times sooner than ever.
Proven on Track and In Front of You
The GT-Formula keeps its rigidity and durability as tested by thousands of man hours inside our sim centre and it packs in a suite of adjustability features from a seat slider to pedal adjusters so every GT-Formula can be adapted and configured perfectly to the driver. Our suite of custom designed pedal mounts and seat can be adjusted in 60+ different ways no matter your size or preference, you will be more consistent and comfortable than ever before.

Heusinkveld Sprint Pedals

The Sim Pedals Sprint are a strong, compact and highly adjustable design with the main parts made out of CNC precision laser cut steel, intended for your home-use simulator. Mathematical models were made to accurately calculate pedal travel and force curves, predicting with great accuracy how each pedal behaves in different configurations.

All metal profiles either have a RAL7016 Anthracite Grey fine-structure powder coat or a bead blasted semi-gloss metallic look.





The pedals include all new concepts for bearings and pivot points in order to minimize unnecessary play. Automated testing routines have been used to simulate up to 1 million duty cycles.

Durable load cells measure throttle and clutch position and force applied to the brake. Unlike designs with rotary potentiometers, load cells provide true linear output in relation to your pedal output. They are insensitive to dust and dirt and do not wear out, resulting in unmatched accuracy and durability over time.





Custom developed and EMC tested electronics make sure each pedal responds instantly and accurately in your favorite simulator software. The included SmartControl software allows easy configuration of deadzones, brake force and customize (non-linear) pedal output curves.

What's Included

Cockpit Axon GT-Formula racing simulator base, carbon fiber panels
Axon racing seat
Pedals Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint




Materials Carbon fiber structure with lightweight wood core
Side panel materials T6 aluminum base
Supported height Suitable for users from 4’5 to 6’5 in height
Supported weight up to 300lb
Product Dimensions Length: 70.30″ (1765mm) Width: 35.5″ (902mm)
Warranty 1 year warranty on all parts that are manufactured by Axon



Global Home Installation

Want to avoid all the hassle setting up a simulator? Axon Driver Solutions proudly provides global home installation service in most major cities so you can simply hop in and drive! 

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1. Does GT-Formula comes with warranty?

  • We provide 1 year warranty on all parts that are manufactured by Axon

2. Can I talk to a person?


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