AXON GT-Formula – Gold Edition

Simply, the Best.

The Axon GT-Formula Gold Edition is the most hassle free fully featured turnkey solution for the sim racer that is looking for the best of all worlds. It includes the top of the line hardware components, it comes with the Fanatec DD2 wheelbase along with a rim, seat, shifter, chassis, Heusinkveld Ultimate pedals, a 49” ultrawide along with monitor stand and state of the art D-BOX motion. The Gold edition is for those who are looking for the ultimate simulation experience, not just competing and racing but raw and accurate simulation from pedal feel and strength to steering rack weight and of course 4DOF motion.

The Ultimate Package

This package is spec’d to the max for the sim racer and will be setup and configured for you by our knowledgeable and professional staff. You are guaranteed to start turning laps sooner than ever. The Fanatec DD2 wheelbase along with rims provides the fidelity and robustness of a direct drive wheel along with the accessibility and well understood platform and ecosystem of Fanatec. The Heusinkveld Ultimate Pedals are trusted by the top level pros and are able to replicate real racing car braking forces from open wheelers to GT3s. HE Ultimates provide everything you could ever desire in your pedals. The included PC sports 16GB of RAM along with an RTX 3070 GPU that will crush your preferred sim whilst displaying it on a stunning Samsung 49” ultrawide monitor.

FIA Approved Motion

There is only one FIA approved motion provider and that is our partner D-BOX. The Gold edition comes with 1.5” 4250i D-BOX GEN 3 actuators, D-BOX KCU Unit, and a Axon GT-Formula D-BOX adapter to provide you with the most realistic and high fidelity motion simulation on the market. Refer to our article where we explain why D-BOX is simply the best.

Proven on Track and In Front of You

The GT-Formula keeps its rigidity and durability as tested by thousands of man hours inside our sim centre and it packs in a suite of adjustability features from a seat slider to pedal adjusters so every GT-Formula can be adapted and configured perfectly to the driver. Our suite of custom designed pedal mounts and seat can be adjusted in 60+ different ways, no matter your size or preference, you will be more consistent and comfortable than ever before.

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What's included


Cockpit Axon GT-Formula racing simulator base, carbon fiber panels
Axon Racing Seat
Motion Platform D-BOX 1.5 inches 4250i D-BOX GEN 3 actuator x 4
Axon GT-Formula D-BOX adaptor
Essential Kits Axon Multipurpose Monitor Mount
Speaker Mounting Kit
Shifter Mounting Kit
Gaming PC (Minimum Spec):
Intel i5 – 8500 or AMD 3600
16 GB of RAM
Nvidia RTX 3070
600W of Power supply
Windows 10 Pre-installed
Gaming Keyboard and mouse
Wheel base Fanatec Podium Wheel Base DD1
Shifter Fanatec ClubSport Shifter SQ V1.5
Steering Wheel Fanatec ClubSport Formula V2.5
Pedals Heusinkveld Ultimate Pedals
Gaming Monitor Samsung 49″ WQHD Curved Super Wide 32:9 Gaming Monitor
Headset Wireless Gaming Headset
Installation Free installation within Lower Mainland
Warranty 1 year warranty on Axon manufactured parts.




Materials Carbon fiber structure with lightweight wood core
Side panel materials T6 aluminum base
Supported height Suitable for users from 4’5 to 6’5 in height
Supported weight up to 300lb
Product Dimensions Length: 70.30″ (1765mm) Width: 35.5″ (902mm)
Warranty 1 year warranty on all parts that are manufactured by Axon




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