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AXON GT-Formula Racing Simulator

AXON GT-Formula

A barebone chassis, for those people who want to build their own rig or already have their own components.


Axon GT-Formula Chassis

Axon GT-Formula Racing Seat

Adjustable Pedal Plate

Adjustable Seat Position

AXON GT-Formula Standard Edition

A complete solution to sim racing. A ready to race rig good for daily driving and that’s everything you need.


Essential Kits

Fanatec Package

PC Package

49″  Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

Gaming Headset

AXON GT-Formula – Gold Edition

The premium class racing rigs including the D-Box motion kit for a real life racing experience.


Include all features from Standard Edition

Upgrade to Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Ultimate

D-BOX Motion Package
Free Home Installation Within Lower Mainland

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Axon GT-Formula Racing Simulator

Axon Multi-purpose Monitor Mount

Fanatec Podium Wheel Base DD2

D-BOX Motion Upgrade Package 1.5 inches