Challenge yourself and other racers! Come to Axon Driver Solutions and beat the record on the board.
If you can retain your record till the end of the month, you will be rewarded a free one-month basic membership.

We will have 5 different challenges every month!

1: The first challenge will be head to head with our in house sim racing team: Axon Endurance Team members. The posted lap time is the average time for 5 consecutive laps. This challenge is open to all people, which might include our staffs or team members, and is open to all setup, track condition, or weather. This is the most challenging test as it requires not only just being fast, but also consistent and extensive knowledge on car setup.

2: The second challenge will always be the up-coming competition hosted by Axon Driver Solutions. Setup and weather conditions are fixed for maximum fairness. This is the best chance to see how well you are compare to the rest of the field.

3 & 4: The third and forth challenge will be held in Assetto Corsa, rather than iRacing in first 2 challenges. These challenges will be changed and announced monthly. Setup, weather conditions and track conditions are also fixed for maximum fairness.

5: The last challenge will be driving BMW M235i in the famous RedBull Ring, the Austria F1 GrandPrix circuit. This is one of the most intuitive combo and it is fun and easy to learn for any new comers. However, to get it right, it will require high level of precision and control. Great challenge for someone to try out our machines! Setup, weather conditions and track conditions are also fixed for maximum fairness.

1. Prize will be awarded to all winners on the Top Gun Challenge board.
2. For player who hold multiple records by the end of month, only a free one-month membership will be awarded.
3. Winner may have the option to upgrade their free membership by paying the difference.
4. All time must be made in any of our machines while under supervision of our staff. We will not consider any record that is made privately or outside of our facilities.
5. Axon Driver Solutions reserves the right of final decisions in case of disputes.
6. Staffs/team members of Axon Driver Solutions will not be eligible to compete in Top Gun Challenge other than the first 2 challenges.
7. All record will be displayed and updated daily on the website homepage pop-up.