Think you’re ready to prove you’re the fastest? Our monthly Top Gun Challenge has five different challenges to prove your skills.

Our Top Gun Challenges run every month with a chance to win prizes with every challenge. All events are run in time attack format where the fastest time is the winner. Monthly record holders will be awarded a free one-month basic Axon membership and points toward Axon Seasonal Tournament.

Axon Seasonal Tournament

Base point

  • Players will earn 1 point (stackable) for each challenge. Points will be rewarded only to player on the leaderboard with valid lap times.

Bonus Point

Players can earn bonus point (unstackable) for winning first 4th place in the challenge. Points will only be rewarded to one challenge with highest ranking.

1st place 4 point
2nd place 3 point
3rd place 2 point
4th place 1 point

Every month we will have 5 chances for you to claim the title of Top Gun:

Challenge #1: Monthly Challenge – This challenge is restricted to fixed car setup, weather and track conditions. This is the best chance to see how well you are compare to the rest of the field.

Challenge #2: The F1 Challenge – Want to race for your favourite F1 team for a day? We will run the current F1 track format for a chance for you to take the title representing your favourite team.

Challenge #3&4: The GT3 & GT4 Challenge – Think you can be the GT car driver? Car setup, weather and track conditions will be fixed for this challenge.

Challenge #5: The Club Racer Challenge – This challenge is recommended for novice racers with fixed car setup, weather and track conditions. Event #5 will always have an easier cars and tracks combination. Past Top Gun Challenge winners will not be counted in this challenge.

October 2021 Challenges:

  1. 🏁DTM Challenge

    Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series/Porsche GT2 RS

  2. 🏁F1 Challenge

    Williams FW14 – Interlagos

  3. 🏁GT3 Challenge

    GT3 Class – Sepang

  4. 🏁GT4 Challenge

    GT4 Class – Albert Park Circuit

  5. 🏁Club Racer Challenge

    Porsche 718 Boxster PDK – Laguna Seca


1. Prize will be awarded to all winners on the Top Gun Challenge board.
2. For player who hold multiple records by the end of month, only a free one-month membership will be awarded.
3. Winner may have the option to upgrade their free membership by paying the difference.
4. All time must be made in any of our machines while under supervision of our staff. We will not consider any record that is made privately or outside of our facilities.
5. Axon Driver Solutions reserves the right of final decisions in case of disputes.
6. Staffs of Axon Driver Solutions will not be eligible to compete in Top Gun Challenge other than the first challenge.