Save money and book your appointments in advance with our monthly membership. A membership also gives you access to exclusive features and benefits not offered to walk-in customers. The total number of memberships are limited, so sign up today!

  • Access to all simulators, tracks and cars
  • Live tracking & data
  • 3 axis, live motion simulation from D-Box Technology
  • Fully customizable settings adjusted to your preference prior to arrival
  • Exclusive appointment booking calendar
  • Access to Axon Sim Racing Series*
  • Special guest rates*

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Receive 10% off your membership purchase when you renew or upgrade your membership before expiry.

Appointment Booking Hours

Monday – Thursday      11 am–7 pm
Friday  – Sunday      12 am–8 pm

Booking Calendar (Members Only)

Use the button below to book an appointment.



  • Maximum 2-Hour Appointments
  • Up to 4 Appointments per Month
  • Access To All Content in Assetto Corsa
  • Additional 2-hour Appointment before expiry: $30


  • All Basic Membership Benefits
  • Maximum 3-Hour Appointments
  • Unlimited Appointments
  • Access to iRacing
  • Access to Axon Sim Racing Series
  • Access to Virtual Reality Headset (Reservation Required)


What are the Axon Sim Racing Series?2019-08-15T11:44:11-07:00

Our Axon Sim Racing Series put our members’ skills to the test. We pick a track and a car and then participants race to post the best qualifying time to be included in the final race weekend. The top three best times after the race weekend will win cash prizes.

What is the exclusive appointment booking calendar?2018-01-24T00:11:11-08:00

Our subscription members get access to our online booking calendar to book their appointments in advance. This helps you see what times and machines are available and plan your appointment ahead of time.

Will I get motion sickness?2018-06-15T16:24:27-07:00

It’s unlikely, but if you do have concerns or start feeling uneasy we can always adjust the system settings to your preference. We also record your preference so that our staff can configure your machine before your next appointment.

Additional Information

1.  All prices listed above are monthly payment plan.
2. Prices are subject to change. Please contact us for the most updated pricing.
3. All membership packages does not include access to driving school features.
4. To ensure the best service to our members, we will limit the total number of subscription memberships available.
5. Members can only make maximum 1 appointment a day.
6. Terms and conditions apply.

* For competition and premium subscriptions only
** Additional charges will apply to optional cars and tracks in iRacing