School Policy

1. Axon Driver Solutions provides different package for driving lessons. Individual lessons will be $65/hour, $95 for 90 min and $125 for 2 hours. Road test packages will be $150. We also provide GLP packages for 10 hours and 20 hours, which are priced at $600 and $1100. Please refer to Driving School Service for details.

2. GST is included in the price for individual lessons and road test packages; GLP package price does not include GST.

3. All driver training instructors are licensed driver training instructors under Motor Vehicle Act.

4. All packages will need to be prepaid in full. Individual lessons will require payment before each class begins.

5. No refund for any package deal after first class has started. Any refund or cancellation of package deal 7 days before first class will be free. Late refund and cancellation of package deal will be charged for $20 one-time administration fee.

6. Simulator usage is optional. If students wish to have the lesson in-car instead, they will be able to switch simulator time to in-car lesson. Students are also able to convert their in-car hours to simulator lesson.

7. Class can be cancelled or rescheduled by contacting the office 24 hours before the class starts. All late cancellation or rescheduling are subject to $30 penalty before next class begins.

8. If student is late for the scheduled class, the class will start at the scheduled time and there will be no free extension. If instructor is late for the scheduled class, the class will begin after arrival of instructor.

9. Free pick up in Richmond or Vancouver; drop off will be free within the same city of pick up location.

10. Classes may be 5-10 minutes longer than the scheduled time but will be free of charge. Please allow more time for the class to ensure best experience.

11. No ride along is allowed during the in-car lesson.

12. Axon Driver Solutions does not offer road test only rental. All road test rental will be offered as a package.

13. Price of all road test packages are for regular scheduled road test. It does not include ICBC road test fee. If student wish to do stand-by road test, additional $20/hour is required up to the start of road test.

14. If students wish to cancel or reschedule a road test, they need to notify the school or instructor 48 hours before the road test time. ICBC will charge $25 for any late cancellations and the student will be responsible for the penalty.

15. In case of any incidents during in-car lesson or road test, and damage in cars to student operating vehicle, the student will be fully responsible for that incident and the cost associated of fixing the vehicle to normal operating manner.

16. In case of any traffic/parking tickets issued during in-car lesson or road test, the student who is operating the training vehicle will be fully responsible for the ticket. Instructor or school will not be responsible for the ticket or paying for the ticket.

17. In case of any improper behavior from student, Axon Driver Solutions LTD will have the right to terminate your Axon driving school program and refund half of your remaining classes. (IE: Late three times/ No show/ Purposely damaging the car and school property).

19. Absolutely no food or drink other than water in Practice car or Driving Simulators.