Axon Seasonal Tournament

Showcase your skills and win exclusive racer title and prizes in our Axon Seasonal Tournament! The Axon Seasonal Tournament allows players to earn points through all Axon events such as Top Gun Challenge and Axon Weekend GP during a season. Points will be updated after every event.

At the end of a season, top 10 players will be rewarded exclusive prizes. See below for details.


Each season will be a 3-month period.

January – March

April – June

July – September

October – December

How to earn point?

Customers can earn point through participating or winning an event. There are two types of events that customers can earn points from:

  1. Regular Events
  2. Special Event (Axon hosted or co-hosted event)
    • Ladies Night
    • TSSGP

Available point for special event will be announced each time on a separate post.

What is the point for?

At the end of each season, top 10 players on our seasonal tournament will earn Axon Racer Title and exclusive prizes. All points will reset at the beginning of a new season.

Where to check the most updated point?

You can check the leader board by clicking here.

Axon Race Title

All Axon Race Title will be rewarded at the beginning of a new season according to last season’s result. Axon Race Title lasts only for one season.
In the future, Axon will host special races designated for each individual title.

  1. Pro
    • Top 3 of the tournament of each season
  2. Podium
    • 4th – 10th place of each season
  3. Club racer
    1. Participate in at least 3 events in each season; and
    2. Reach 5 points in each season


1st Place: 3 Month all you can wash (sponsored by King’s Auto)

2nd Place: 360 G300 Full HD WiFi Dashcam (sponsored by Overdrive)

3rd Place: 1 Month all you can wash (sponsored by King’s Auto)

4th Place: Exclusive Axon branded racing gloves

5th Place: 1 Free car wash (sponsored by King’s Auto)

6th Place: Detailing Coupon (sponsored by King’s Auto)

7th Place: Axon T-Shirt

8th Place: Car Fragrance (sponsored by Overdrive)

9th Place: Axon Stickers

10th Place: Axon Pen