Axon Bingo Event

We know you love challenges, so why not challenge yourself to win some prizes? Get a Bingo Sheet when you visit our Axon Sim Centre. Each slot on the Bingo sheet is a mini time-attack and it specifies a car, a track, and a lap time you need to beat. All lap times difficulty are set at a beginner-friendly level. The more practices you get, the higher the chance to beat the challenge!

Challenge the time on each Bingo slot and earn a stamp. The more lines you connect, the better the prizes you get!

How to Win?

1. Pick a challenge from the Bingo Sheet, beat the time and you will earn the stamp for the challenge.

2. Connect lines!

Prizes (will be updated regularly)

1 Line: Axon Pen

3 Lines: 1 entry to free track day draw

4 Lines: 1 entry to free HTC helmet draw

Most Updated Bingo Sheet

Terms and Conditions

  • All laps records must be valid and verified by Axon Staff to receive a stamp
  • Printed copies of the Bingo Sheets are not accepted
  • Axon Driver Solutions reserves the right for the final decision