Axon Driver Solutions is Vancouver’s premier destination for everything driving-related, from sim racing to driver training. We provide professional grade D-Box motion simulators, you will improve your vehicle knowledge and control leading to increased on-road safety and driving pleasure. As the most advanced driver training facility, we provide unique and advanced driver training solutions to the public through three avenues:

  • Racing simulators: Customers can enjoy our simulators at their convenience anytime with a drop-in; or subscribe to a membership plan for more flexibility, more exclusive features and extra perks.
  • Driver training: Axon revolutionized what it meant to go through driver training. Not only do we have ICBC certified coaches, Axon Driving School incorporates the use of virtual simulator work. This allows new drivers to have seat time and gain confidence without anxiety and consequences.
  • Venues: Axon works closely with various sponsors to host events where our simulators are available for rent. Whether you want a top of the line simulator for your next corporate gathering or a birthday party, Axon will cater to your needs with a variety of packages.
Why Axon


The Axon Simulation Centre is the most affordable way to get into motorsport. This is where our customers can experience and utilize our D-Box enabled simulators for fun and self-improvement. We provide our customers a sense of community where everyone is welcome to visit and have fun while improving their racing through the irreplaceable effect of seat time. Seat time is the single most important factor to becoming a better driver, whether you are a racer or a new driver trying to get a Class 7. The cost of our simulators are a fraction of what a test day costs at any track and combined with the ability to switch tracks and cars in minutes, simulator work is irreplaceable.



Axon Driving School is truly a one of a kind and has completely revolutionized driver training. We combine your traditional one-on-one coaching with realistic driving simulator. Both our simulator hardware and software has been developed in house specifically for this purpose and is exclusive to Axon. Our simulators provide our students with the most realistic driving experience to help boost confidence once they are behind the wheel.

Hyper Stimulator
Why Axon


Our simulators are the accumulation of months of work between us and our official partners: Fanatec and D-Box. These sophisticated machines are built from carbon fibre and aluminum and are close to infinitely customizable to suit your needs. These simulators are compatible with most of the popular brand names such as Fanatec and Logitech steering wheels and pedals. They work seamlessly with your own bucket seat, VR, and can transition from a GT style seating position to an F1 style position in with a few simple steps. These simulators are built to last and can withstand the most powerful direct drive wheelbases. 


Axon will be providing simulators rentals for events! We have several different packages depending on your needs. These simulators are best suited for corporate events, gathering and parties. How often do you see a top of the line driving simulator? Now you can get one for your special moment!

Hyper Stimulator