Heusinkveld (HE) pedals have been generally accepted as the best pedals to use as a sim racer. The HE Sprints are the perfect pedals for the casual to professional sim racer as they are relatively cheap compared to hydraulics and use a loadcell to measure the amount of pressure applied which is much more accurate and precise as opposed to a potentiometer. HE Ultimates also use a loadcell to measure pressure however, the key difference to the Sprints is that the Ultimates also have a hydraulic damper which allows for significantly more adjustability to how the pedals feel.
Comparing the HE Sprints to their nearest competitor which would be the Fanatec V3s, they are around 300CAD more expensive than the V3s but in our opinion the extra step up to the HE Sprints is worth it. Firstly, the Sprints are built differently compared to the V3s, the V3s still can feel and look like a toy while with the Sprints there is absolutely no question as to they are a serious piece of kit.
Secondly, the Sprints are more adjustable compared to the V3s both on the hardware side and on the software side with HE’s SmartControl software you have more adjustability to how it feels and how it responds to your braking.
Lastly, another significant reason to make take the HEs over Fanatecs is the customer service and after sales support. While many people do not see this as a huge deal, we believe that this is a critical part of a product’s value and HE’s support is much better than Fanatec’s. The HE Ultimates are a completely different beast, they are to be compared to other hydraulic pedals and completely outclass the HE Sprints and Fanatec V3s in terms of realism and feel. Their max braking force of 136kg (300lbs) is meant to replicate real life open wheelers and race cars.
In our opinion, the HE Ultimates are better well suited for real life professional drivers who are looking to outfit their rig as a practice tool. Axon is proud to say that we are an official supplier of Heusinkveld pedals and we have both the HE Sprints and Ultimates in stock.