This season is almost coming to a close, and new season will begin on November 1st. We are implementing these following changes for next season on how players can earn points from event toward the Axon Seasonal Tournament.

Axon Top Gun Challenge

  • Base Point

Players will earn 1 point (stackable) for each challenge. Points will be rewarded only to player on the leaderboard with valid lap times.

  • Bonus Point

Players can earn bonus point (unstackable) for winning first 4th place in the challenge. Points will only be rewarded to one challenge with highest ranking.

1st place 4 point
2nd place 3 point
3rd place 2 point
4th place 1 point

Axon Weekend GP

We are adjusting the rewarded point for each race.
1st place 9 point
2nd place 8 point
3rd place 7 point
4th place 6 point
5th place and after 5 point