E-Sport has grown tremendously in the past few years in a variety of games. While there is a set back in huge stadium competitions due to COVID-19, both active players and live stream audiences are at an all time high. Many E-Sport competition are happening worldwide online and with the case of sim racing, many pro drivers especially high profile Formula 1 drivers has now taken up their racing virtually due to lock down, thus further increasing sim racing as an E-Sport’s popularity.
First off, it is based on real motorsport, that just happen to take place virtually. With the aid of hyper realistic modern graphics, we are capable to replicating the environments of motorsport visually to a point where it is almost indistinguishable from the real counter part. Rules and regulations are set just as the realistic counter part. Race length are identical as well. You also learn track manners and racing procedures as you would experience in a real race.
Majority of E-Sport titles functions like a game using Keyboard/Mouse/Joysticks as input devices, with the exception of sim racing. Sim racing is the only genre that actually have identical input as the real life counter part. Rules and regulations are based directly on real life motorsports. Playing NBA2k with a controller isn’t going to make you a NBA player. But skills you develop in sim racing will transfer over to driving and racing in the real world.
Sim racing also have a unique way to generate revenue which is crucial to keep an e-sport tournaments running. While it is difficult to add in game ads in a fantasy world game, adding the right amount of ads and real life product placement actually increases immersion in a sim. With the top tier racing series such as Formula 1 now investing into sim racing as an E-Sport it is inevitable that sim racing‘s professional scene will grow and become more and more relevant.
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