The Axon Simulator has finally arrived! We want to say thank you to all of the feedback and opinion. We’ve collected plenty of feedback in the past regarding our old simulators, we’ve listened and decided to produce a totally new, designed by us, simulator – the Axon Sim. So, what is so special about this simulator?

(1) Flexibility. Easy to switch and hassle free – Most simulators have a fixed seating position. The new Axon Simulator provides a flexible option to fit every training purposes that allows drivers to switch seating positions with just a few simple steps.

(2) Rigidity. With the use of carbon fibre and high strength aluminum, the Axon Simulator will be able to withstand toughest abuse from drivers, direct-drive steering wheels, hydraulic pedals and motion actuators while maintaining elegant looks.

(3) Portability. The new design allows us to transport the Axon Simulator much more efficiently than before. Looking for some cool ideas for your private or corporate event? The Axon Simulators would be an exciting element to your party!

The Axon Simulator will receive its dedicated product page, and it will be on sale in the near future. If you are looking for more information of the Axon Simulator, feel free to call us or e-mail us at

Are you eager to try the Axon Simulator? It will be available on the grand opening day of our Richmond store.

Limited spots available! RSVP will start tomorrow. Stay tuned on our social media if you don’t want to miss the chance trying out the brand-new Axon Simulator.