Drop-in is available again!

We are excited to announce that drop-in service will be available again at Axon Simulation Centre.

Drop-in options are 15, 30 and 60 minutes, and players will have access to our newest Axon motion simulators plus access to all software. Drop-in service provides a flexible solution for customers who plan for irregular visits but still want to have some fun from simulation experience.

Again, we have created a drop-in theme menu in case players not sure what tracks and cars to pick. Visit the link below for the Staff Picks Theme Menu! Those are carefully picked and tiered in different difficulty level, therefore you can practice your driving skills and advance to next level once you are confident!

Group Discount

We have been receiving lots of inquiries on group bookings, and we could see that racing alongside with your friends could really add more fun to driving. Therefore, we have decided to offer group booking discount if you come with your friends. We will be offering group discount if you book

(1) minimum 5 driving simulators
(2) minimum 1 hour each
(3) Deposit required

Please note that all discount offerings are subject to change. All future changes will be announce on website and social media.

Thank you for your time and please stay tuned for more update.