2018 Vancouver Sim Racing Finale Result

Congratulations to our champion, Nigel Koit, who has just claimed the gold medal in 2018 Vancouver Sim Racing Finale. Thank you for all the participants, helpers and spectators that visited our event. We appreciate your support.

After some heated races, there were 5 teams who have been successfully advanced to the final round:

  1. Kodamu Racing
  2. Team EBM
  3. Last Lap Bandits
  4. Team Nigel Koit
  5. Team Last Minute Men

During the final round, Nigel Koit has successfully secured his spot #1 with minimal mistakes, followed by Alex Ho, the champion from Sept/Oct Sim Racing Event.

Again, thanks everyone that came to support us. Stay tuned for our next competition event. Thank you for the sponsor to make this happen: Speed-Fanatics

*Full replay at the bottom

Final Race Result:

  1. Team Nigel Koit – 51:37.527
  2. Kodamu Racing – 52:03.635
  3. Last Minute Men – 52.21.752

Final Race Result
1. Team Nigel: 51:37.527
2. Kodamu Racing:52:03.635
3. Last Minute Men: 52:21.752
4. Last Lap Bandits: 53:48.494
5. Team EBM: Forfeit

Heat 1 Result:

Team Nigel Koit: 51:45.831
Team Last Minute Men: 53:05.245
Team Russell Fok: 53:20:420
Cheap Thrills Racing: 54:00.831

Heat 2 Result:

Kodamu Racing: 52:06.085
Last Lap Bandits: 52:42.575
Team EBM: 52:54.459
Team Iceman: Forfeit

Heat 1 Pit Stop Time:

Team Last minute men (green)
1st pit stop @ ~18:00
2nd pit stop @ 26:23

Team Russel Fok (white)
1st pit stop @ 27:57
2nd pit stop @ 46:17

Nigel Koit (black and white)
1st pit stop @ 39:13 (no 30sec pit time, 4.10 secs only)
2nd pit stop @ 46:47 (no 30sec pit time, 10.39 secs only)
+45 Sec adjustment for pitstop

Cheap Thrills Racing (red stripes)
1st pit stop @ ~11:00
2nd pit stop @ 34:22

Heat 2 Pit Stop Time:

Kodamu Racing (Main Blue)
1st pit stop @ 28:44 for 31 secs
2nd pit stop @ 44:00 for 31 secs

Last Lap Bandits (Main White)
1st pit stop @ 26:36 for 34 secs
2nd pit stop @ 51:44 for 31 secs

Team EBM (Green)
1st pit stop @ 31:39 for 34 secs
2nd pit stop @ 39:55 for 18 secs

Team Iceman (Forfeit)
1st pit stop @
2nd pit stop @

Full Replay:

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