Heads Up!
We’ll be hosting a time attack competition at the Luxury & Supercar Weekend, Sponsored by Skip Barber Racing School, the biggest and most famous racing school in North America!


  • 1 session per admission*
  • Only your first two sessions may count toward your competition result
  • 6 minutes per session (subject to change)
  • Fastest lap of either competition session will be counted
  • Car settings and track conditions will be locked
  • No Restarts once you begin your session**
  • Shortcut laps or off track will be disqualified at iRacing’s discretion
  • 19+***
  • You must register with a drivers license to receive a prize
  • NO DUI (drive sober)
  • Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash


  • First place prize; Three Day Racing School program offered by Skip Barber
  • Second place prize; One Day Racing School program offered by Skip Barber
  • Third place prize; One Day Driving School program offered by Skip Barber
  • Participate and earn; 5% off anything provided by Skip Barber
  • *Additional admission fees will apply
  • **Restarts will only be provided in the event of a mechanical failure
  • ***you may participate if you are a special guest under this age
  • ****Axon Driver Solutions reserves the right of final decision in any case of disputes