2018 Sept/Oct Sim Racing, presented by Speed-Fanatics
The format of this race will be team enduro. This event is open for public.
This competition is featuring Audi R8 LMS on Road Atlanta
Date: September 22, 2018 @ 12PM
Register your team now for a chance to win a total prize of $600! 


12:00PM Practice Open

12:40PM Practice Ends

12:45PM Driver Meeting

1) 8-minute qualify to determine the starting position
2) 2 mandatory pitstops – must change driver
3) 10-minute minimum per driver
4) 17 iRacing incidents = DQ
5) MINIMUM 30 second PER pitstop. Staff will be your lollipop guy
6) FIXED SETUP. BB is open to change

– The race is open to the public. Team registration fee is $70 with no limit on drivers per team.

– 50% off entry fee if the team has one Axon member. If the team is made up of all Axon members, the entry fee is waived.

– Practice sessions will start at 12PM and competition will start at 1PM. No practice sessions will be held between races.

– The number of teams must exceed 3 if below 3 prizes will not be issued.

– Ideal number of teams are 3/6/9 teams. If not ideal, we may adjust players if there are odd number of teams.

For more rules information, please go to the competition Rulebook.

Competition Type: Team Euduro Race

$300 and $300 Track Day Voucher from Speed Fanatics for 1st team
$160 for 2nd winner team
$40 for 3rd winner team
*All participants will automatically enter a draw for a free two-month Axon’s Basic Membership.

Competition Information:
Format: Team Endurance
Sim: iRacing
Track: Road Atlanta -full course @ afternoon.
Car: Audi R8 LMS GT3

Entry fee: $70 per team

Race Format

3 Teams

6 Teams

9 Teams