Congratulations to our winners in January Competition. They had demonstrated outstanding and immaculate driving skills during the race. Both Teddy Sin and Jackson Chen achieved 1st place in the group stage and they were automatically qualified for the final round. Alex Ho, as a 2nd winner in the group stage, fell into the lower bracket. However, he dominated all games and strived all the way to the final. His consistent performance did not disappoint anyone and won the 1st place in the final round.

The first three winners were awarded $150, $80 and $20 respectively.

Race Results

1st – Alex Ho
2nd – Jackson Chen
3rd – Teddy Sin

Elimination Race

  • Members only. Entry is free for competition members and premium members; $20 admission fee for basic members.
  • Members will be asked to finish qualifying session 2 days prior the race weekend. Only top 12 qualifiers will be able to join the final race weekend.
  • Each member will have one 15-minute (Non-transferable) qualifying session. The qualifying session will not count toward member’s normal usage (Booking may be required).
  • Members are welcomed to practice as much as they wish. However, members need to notify staff before they wish to start their qualifying sessions.
  • During race weekend, there will be 4 groups in first round. We will group qualifiers randomly into each group.
  • 1st and 2nd place will advance to 2nd round. 3rd of each group will have lucky draw for admission to 2nd round.
  • There will be 3 groups in 2nd round. Only winners of each group will advance to final round.

Competition Information

Track: Laguna Seca
Car: BMW M235i
Length: 20 Minute Race
Fuel rate: On
Damage: On
Tire Wear: On
Allow Tire Out: 3
Jump Start Penalty: On
Tires: Trofeo H Slick
Fuel: Open
Electronic: Open
Alignment Open
Dampers: Open
Generic: Open
Suspension: Fix*